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a digital detox and channeling creativity


I can’t define when it started to happen, but sometime in the last year I’ve come to understand that I’m very susceptible to something I like to define as digital noise and it’s almost crucified my channels for creativity. So I’m in the process of choosing a digital detox of sorts to try and realign my vision. Because it’s been clouded. For a few years now. By the internet, by my phone, by social media and even most recently by my inbox. It’s just too much. Too much information. Too much noise. My minds been underwater with an overload of everything. News. Images. Articles. Opinions. I feel like the whole world is vying for my attention and I have very little left to give myself. Much less offer back. So in an effort to fight for more brain space, or at least more controlled allocation of bytes I’ve been making a few concerted efforts to create space. I took the Instagram app off my phone. I was horrified to learn how many hours of my week were devoted to mindlessly scrolling. And for what? It’s been a long long time since I’ve found inspiration in that space. I did buy a work iPad and have the app there for posting. But it’s a much more intentional act to get into and make a post. Not the doomscroll before bed or waiting in line.

I also ordered a print subscription to the New Yorker. I love reading. But I’ve noticed that half the time on my phone while still reading is still on my phone. I like the size of articles when I can’t commit to a book. But I like holding a magazine to read them instead of a device.

I went to my favorite local independent bookstore and bought three books and one cookbook. All of these are cheaper on Amazon (some by a lot) but I love this bookstore and want it to be around in 10-20 years. So I support it. I put my phone away after dinner. And read before bed. Sometimes it puts my to sleep faster.

I don’t look at my phone while watching a show on tv. I’ve done so in the past but find myself distracted by both and unable to concentrate on either.

I unsubscribe from newsletters that clutter my inbox that I don’t read. Basically I’m just trying to be a lot more selective about what I consume digitally because I feel like my brain is so easily at capacity. And leaves no room for creativity. So in short – quiet quit the craze that’s taking you away from your core creative self.