For photographers and creatives needing someone to bounce ideas off of or to receive feedback I offer one on one mentorship sessions.  These are akin to an AMA or pick my brain session and no information is off limits.

  • Ask camera and lighting questions.
  • Pricing and licensing questions
  • Contracts, Estimating and Negotiating tools and templates
  • How to pivot from your specialty within photography
  • Small business structure and admin help. (Why a sole proprietorship is not good!  Why you need to pay estimated taxes. Why you should have a good accountant)

Want feed back on a marketing plan?  An estimate?  How to land your client? How to promote yourself without being salesy.  Why Instagram is not the platform you should be spending your marketing time on…

I’ve got 15 years of self employed freelance experience and hundreds of clients to draw from.  The world of commercial photography is often murky to navigate in the beginning and I want to offer lived resources that can’t be googled or youtubed to help you find your path.  I also love teaching lighting because I spent a good portion of my early career being intimidated by it.  These sessions are $300 for one hour, done virtually (or in person in my studio upon request) and are custom created for your specific questions and needs in mind.  A questionnaire will be sent prior for maximum efficiency.  Investing in yourself is the best way to help align your goals and get you to where you want to be in your business.