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The best roasted carrots you’ve never had


I had dinner with friends last week and was made this roasted carrot side that’s just too good not to share. My host even said, these carrots will make you never want to eat carrots any other way again. The secret? A lavender coriander crunch drizzled on top. (when I first heard lavender, I was hesitant as I don’t typically like that flavor in my food… but for some reason it’s really muted and not floral at all!) I made them in turn this week when I had some friends over and they were a hit again. If you’re looking for a new way to serve the simple carrot this is it.

Roasted carrots w/ lavender/coriander crunch
Roast carrots at 425 for about 25 mins or till done and a little charred.
Into a sauce pan add:
2 cloves chopped garlic
1 T crushed coriander
1t lavender
1-2 t honey
1T butter
Slowly bring the ingredients to a bubble till the garlic and butter are starting to brown.
Take off heat, Add 2-3T olive oil.
Take carrots out of oven, Pour sauce over carrots. ❤️
Amounts are approximate.

Enjoy. And thank me later for making the carrots in your life taste even better!