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New, new, new!


I’m so excited to be showing off this fresh brand new site.  I have to give major props to PEOPLE PEOPLE for being able to take my haphazard direction and desires and give them a living home that works seamlessly!  And looks good while doing it!  I absolutely love being able to pay other creative people to do what they do best.  It’s the happiest money I love sending out to flow.  And I couldn’t have been happier to pay these guys every bit of what they deserve for getting this dream site together…  I gave a lot of thought to the usability and features of a photography website while conceptualizing what I wanted.  And didn’t want!  I hate contact forms for one.  I feel like you never know whether your message actually got sent or not.  Or where it lands.  So I nixed that from the outset.  I wanted a shareable lightbox feature.  Check.  I wanted to marry the idea of a traditional site and blog seamlessly into one site without jumping pages back and forth between them.  But honestly my favorite feature is being able to click into a photo to see more highlights from the same shoot.  Photographer’s are fulfilling more library shoot requests than ever, to cover multiple platforms… and I love the story telling aspect of being able to show 5-10-15 images from a shoot instead of just 1-2 highlights.  I also wanted to invite a writing aspect back into my online life.  An easy breezy place to share snippets of non work related life, thoughts on creative callings, and everything in between.  Welcome to my new internet home.  Sign up for a quarterly newsletter if you’re curious about what fascinates and inspires me.  Drop me a line if you think something in this space doesn’t work well or could be better.  Thank you for spending part of your valuable time right here and now.  Brooke